02/2022 Paisaje Público Festival, Santiago de Chile (CHL)

01/2022 Festival 53°70°, Punta Arenas (CHL)

09/2021 STAMP Festival, Hamburg (GER)


How can we feel connected, when we can only communicate in virtual and digital ways? Is empathy possible without physical cotact? Doesn’t it have to be practised in palpable experiences? What is body language in the absence of physical contact? Which sounds, textures, colours and possibilities can be discovered?

Concept, Choreography & Dance
Ann-Leonie Niss & Mayo Rodriguez
Musical Composition
Marcos Meza
Larissa Potapov

Supported by

02/2020 NEUES BAUEN, Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition, Pop-Up-Raum Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg (GER)
05/2019 Hauptsache Frei – Festival der Darstellenden Künste Hamburg (GER)
09/2018 747 Studios, Hamburg (GER)
06/2018 VRHAM! Virtual Reality and Arts Festival Hamburg (GER)
HH Emerging Artists Residency Award 2018 
10/2016 Hapag-Hallen, Cuxhaven (GER)
09/2016 Schweinskopf Festival, Osterbruch (GER)
07/2016 Villa_V Viersen, Vernissage, Nordrhein-Westfalen (GER)

„Trans//form“ is a choreography looking at the progress of evolution to determine the future of the human body in an increasingly technologized world. Three dancers dance a critical approach to topics like cyborgism and transhumanism, exploring to what extent the human body can be modified, improved or even rendered obsolete through technology. Which importance does the carnal body hold for mankind? What will happen to humans when their body becomes dispensable?

Transforming the body into the digital world, where the limiting laws of our real nature are replaced by digital laws of a virtual reality, a redesign of the representation of the individual is taking place.

Entering the virtual world, we become part of and experience blurring the boundaries between the digital and analogue world. Virtually bodiless, the users establish an interaction with the transformed dancers.

Virtual Reality:
Martin Kupfer & Fabian Knieling (747 Studios)
Suse Tietjen
Maria Gibert
Anja Blaß, Ann-Leonie Niss & Lidia Thiessen

Supported by

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