José Vidal & Compañia


Festival Santiago a Mil, Santiago de Chile (CHL)

A piece that builds up movement and dance in a collective. A performance that blossoms from a constant and collective creation, a ritual of multicultural encounter.

Three communities in the capital of Chile for the festival Santiago a Mil and people who joined the national and foreign occupation in order to integrate themselves in a massive, multicultural, sensitive and multi-sensory experience. Because of the current social and cultural context that Chile is experiencing, José Vidal decided to take Emerger to the streets, in a gesture that the company defined as a „call for loving resistance“.

EMERGER emerged from EMERGENZ , which was premiered in Hamburg in 2019 as part of a production by Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik.

"Taking refuge in a sense of community, in deep and questioning group work and in the energy of the bodies in motion, in order to transform emotionally and influence our society".
José Vidal
Andrés Escobat, Daniella Santibanez
Composition, Sound Design
Diego Noguera Berger
DJ Set
Damián Ketterer
Light Design
Julio Escobar Mellado
Production Manager
Mayo Rodríguez Baeza, Catalina Avaria Arrigada, Christine Focken
Alan Ibánez, Alejandro Ferreira, Aleksandra Kovacevic-Lando , Alexandra Miller, Amelie Friederike Schulz-Gieße , Andrés Escobar, Anna Rosa Lindenborn, Anna Schneider, Ann-Leonie Niß, Benjaméin Marchant , Bruno Torres, Catalina Avaria, César Avendano, César Cisternas, Damián Ketterer, Daniela Santibáñez, Darío Oyarzún, Elvan Tekin, Emma Hedemann Christensen, Francesca Greta Karoline Waehnelt, Francisca Concha, Francisca Maturana, Ida Horlyck Thomsen, Ioanna Kerasopoulou, Jesús Briceño , Larissa Saskia Potapov, Lena Strützke, Liv Maria Pedersen, Luca Pellegrini, Marcela Torres, Marie Hubert, Mayo Rodríguez, Nadja Häussler , Nibaldo Manríquez, Raffaela di Girolamo, Simón Pascal, Sophia Lara Otto, Tomás Riveros, Victor Bolzmann, Ximena Puccio, Yanara Salinas, Yumi Kuwabara

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